Men’s EHF EURO 2024 | Germany | 12 – 28 January

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from Dr. Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany

The German Handball Federation is bidding to host the EHF EURO 2024. I am delighted with this decision, because major international tournaments are perennially fascinating celebrations of encounter and have tremendous appeal.

With large arenas, top notch infrastructure and, last but not least, a loyal handball fanbase, Germany has what it takes to again be a welcoming host for an international tournament. Our country has staged many such sporting events in the past. It has thereby gathered valuable experience and has proven that it is an ideal location for large sports competitions. We take that both as an incentive and as a challenge.

The German Government is very keen in its support for the German bid. As a sporting nation, Germany would be especially delighted and honoured to again showcase its skills as an international sports competition host, with the aim of making EHF EURO 2024 an unforgettable experience.


Easy to travel, great engagement for the fans!

There has never been anything like this before: A EURO played by 24 participating teams in one single country and for which 23 nations may qualify! Germany is ready to host this record tournament and to create an atmosphere that is without compare. There are also further factors that will help to make sure that the EHF EURO 2024 in Germany will become an event of superlatives. The opening match could already set a new benchmark. Many European top players participate in Europe’s highly regarded German national handball league; this will attract many fans from all over Europe to Germany.


More than 500,000 spectators

Let’s go back to the 2006 FIFA World Cup: Thousands of fans from many countries both inside and outside of the arenas created this memorable atmos phere rooted as “Summer Night’s Dream” in the collective memory of all Germans. This colourful image could be re-painted during the Men’s EHF EURO 2024. The event will be able to host a total number of more than 500,000 spectators in its various arenas.

The opening game in Düsseldorf will already be attended by more than 50,000 spectators, which could set a new spectator record during the EHF EURO 2024. Moreover, thousands of people will be reached via fan zones and fan parties, where they will peacefully celebrate together.


Arenas with more than 10,000 capacity each and more than 500,000 spectators

Those who follow the matches of their teams or who are willing to watch as many games as possible, played by the different teams during the EHF EURO 2024 will be given the unique chance to spend a gorgeous time together. The modern and comfortably equipped arenas in host cities do not only offer an extremel high standard but can also be accessed very easily and in short time by car, train or plane, due to Germany’s perfectly developed infrastructure.


Vice President & COO of Anschutz Entertainment Group Germany

German arenas, such as the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg and the Lanxess Arena in Cologne are leading all across Europe in terms of viewer comfort, capacity and infrastructure. I could hardly imagine any more convenient setting for the EURO 2024.


Extraordinary highlight with 50,000 spectators

The opening game could become an extraordinary highlight with long-lasting memories: Thanks to the famous hospitality and vitality of the Rhineland Region, 50,000 spectators in Düsseldorf’s ESPRIT arena are going to celebrate their team, handball and themselves. It will become a gigantic spectacle in an ultramodern multi-functional arena that hosts concerts, shows and big sports events.


Modern arenas with marvellous atmosphere


Mercedes-Benz Arena

Address: Mercedes-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin

Year of construction: 2008

Spectators’ capacity: 12,230

incl. 210 wheelchair and escort seats

Parking spaces: 2,000



Barclaycard Arena

Address: Sylvester Allee 10, 22525 Hamburg

Year of construction: 2002

Spectators’ capacity: 12,300

Parking spaces: 8,000



TUI Arena

Address: Expo Plaza 7, 30539 Hannover

Year of construction: 2000

Spectators’ capacity: 10,000

Parking spaces: 4,540




Address: Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 50679 Köln

Year of construction: 1998

Spectators’ capacity: 18,213  seats - A capacity expansion

of 1.400 extra seats is planned to be finished latest 2022

Parking spaces: up to 6,000 spaces



SAP Arena

Address: An der Arena 1, 68163 Mannheim

Year of construction: 2005

Spectators’ capacity: 13,200

Parking spaces: 11,400 public




Address: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 München

Year of construction: 1972 – modification in 2009

Spectators’ capacity: 12,500

Parking spaces: 4,000




“Great Sport – Great Engagement” is the slogan of the EHF EURO 2024 in Germany. 24 nations will participate in this tournament, which sets a new benchmark beforehand. They will be joined by 24 EURO ambassadors who are going to create enthusiasm and extended public relations, before the beginning of the championship.

This would be the first time that the Soccer Euro and Handball Euro takes place in the same country in the same year. Handball could only benefit from that.


Football player/Borussia Dortmund

For us as football players it would be an extraordinary event, if we could celebrate both the 2024 UEFA and the European Men’s Handball Championship together with all Europeans in Germany.

mario gotze


To develop all handball federations and leagues in Europe

To further professionalise the handball industry, the German Handball Federation plans to organise the first “European Handball Summit” in cooperation with SPONSORS – one of the leading European sports business publishers and summit organisers in the course of the EURO 2024. Experts of sports business and handball from all participating countries and high-class speakers for marketing, sports media and entertainment will be invited. The summit is intended to set new benchmarks. It is supposed to be a platform for a broad transfer of knowledge and an exchange between different types of sports and handball experts from many countries.



Managing Director of the Sponsors Verlags GmbH

To further enhance the professionalism of the European Handball we are happy to organise the first European ‘Handball Business Summit’ in 2024. That would be a reasonable, great step forward both for handball in general and SPOBIS, which has already become Europe’s biggest sport business summit.


Well positioned in every way

German autobahns enjoy a global reputation. Citizens of this country will certainly hear a positive comment on their excellent road network, no matter where they go. Furthermore, there are excellent possibilities to travel across this host country of the EHF EURO 2024. The high speed train ICE of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn AG is one of the fastest and most modern trains worldwide. It both connects the biggest cities of the country within short time and also ensures that travellers will reach their destination in a relaxed and laid-back way.

German airports are gateways to the world. First and foremost, the Rhein-Main Airport in Frankfurt/Main gained the reputation of an international hub. Frankfurt Airport handles the biggest amount of passengers in Central Europe. Beyond that, Germany also possesses further international airports in host cities for fast connections to many other destinations. A flight from Hamburg to Munich or from Berlin to Düsseldorf only takes an hour. This excellent infrastructure ensures that all teams, officials, fans and journalists enjoy a tournament of short distances and fast arrivals and departures. No matter whether by bus, plane, train or car: Teams and visitors from neighbouring countries, such as France, Austria, Poland etc. may quickly and easily travel to host cities.

And also the travel distance between arenas and training locations will take no longer than fifteen minutes, due to first-class and premium hotels being located in close proximity.


The idea of the EHF EURO 2024 in Germany is not only intended to watch handball, but also to get to know the country and its people. Many modern, well-equipped hotels in the attractive host cities, situated in close proximity to the arenas, will make sure that guests will be accommodated in a hassle-free manner.


Indoor sport no. 1 in Germany

Krakow in January 2016: Germany’s national handball team plays Spain in the EURO-final broadcasted by the German TV station ARD and watched by an overwhelmingly large.

Audience: 13 million TV viewers caused an outstanding 42 percent market share. There is no other indoor sport in Germany that is able to fascinate such an incredibly huge amount of viewers.

By this facts we are sure to get a maximum media reach and great digital engagement!


Great Sport – Great Engagement

Big emotions in all arenas, an intensive experience for each fan, handball at the centre of European top sports – all this in connection to emotions, logistic precision and wide reach: As host of the EHF EURO 2024, we want to produce an impact to use the potential of handball as good as possible, move closer to the optimum after great tournaments in the past and continue this story of success of the EHF EURO. Germany offers top conditions with big and up-to-date arenas in cities with international flair. We deliver the know-how to make it successful. Handball is coming up to thrill all sports fans AND find its way right into the heart of our society. The EHF EURO 2024 is a strategic long-term project for us, making an impact before, during and after matches. New target groups among spectators, media representatives and sponsors will be addressed – they will feel fascinated and become a part of the handball sport. We are convinced that this will also be beneficial to the European handball family in general.

Andreas Michelmann

President of the German
Handball Federation


Secretary General

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